What is Calizo®
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Who is Calizo® for?

Calizo® creates shoes for children whose feet need extra support. We understand how crucial it is for all children to move comfortably and pain-free, and the importance of proper feet and gait development.

That’s why we design shoes that not only provide support but also promote the correct development of the children’s walking patterns and postures.

Design and Comfort in Mind

The comfort provided by our shoes is of the utmost importance. We carefully select soft materials that not only feel comfortable but also prevent pressure points. With various closure options such as laces, Velcro, or Freelock®, and a deep shoe tongue, our shoes are easy to put on and take off.

But a shoe should not only feel good; it should also look good. We want children to be proud as they show off each new pair. Therefore, we pay attention to design, ensuring that our shoes are not only functional and comfortable but also stylish.

Choose Calizo® for high-quality orthopedic shoes from a Belgian brand. With our local roots and over 20 years of experience in the orthopedic sector, you can trust our quality and personalized approach. Explore our extensive range and take advantage of fast delivery and free returns. Give your children the best support and let them move comfortably with Calizo®!

Durable and functional

The quality of orthopedic children’s shoes is of utmost importance because they are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, we use carefully selected materials and a solid construction to ensure that our shoes last long, even with intensive usage. Our shoes are not only functional, but also durable.

Whether it’s the shoe’s toe cap, outsole, heel support, or overall structure, at Calizo®, quality and durability are top priorities. Additionally, our shoes combine orthopedic functionality with attention to design .


Traditional craftsmanship is at the foundation of Calizo® shoes. All of our shoes are crafted with care in our factory in Spain, by the third generation of the Linares family, which has over forty years of experience in the production of children’s shoes.

Calizo® is derived from ‘Calzados’ (the Spanish word for shoes) and ‘zool’ (the Dutch word for sole). This name reflects what the product stands for: helping children in need of support with the playfullness of a child in mind.

Wide selection, fast delivery

At Calizo®, we aim for availability and prompt delivery. Our stock models are delivered within 72 hours in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. We also understand that trying on orthopedic shoes can be challenging. Therefore, we always offer the option of free returns.

Our extensive assortment provides a customized orthopedic solution for your child . Whether you need an anti-varus, neutral, or orthotic shoe, we have the perfect fit. Our shoes are designed to support the feet, ankles, and legs or to facilitate walking. We offer various models and widths to ensure that each shoe fits perfectly. Our shoes are also available without corrective structure but with the appropriate anatomical construction and space for custom-made soles.

Rich experience

Calizo® builds on the expertise and knowledge of BruCare, which has been active in the orthopedic market in Europe for over 20 years. Our experience in automation, production techniques, and material sales has led to the creation of Calizo®.

We understand the needs of parents and orthopedic professionals and strive to provide them with the best solutions. We take pride in our quality and commitment to sustainability. Our company is certified according to ISO 13485 for Class 1 medical devices, and we prioritize a safe and eco-friendly working environment.

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